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'eDialer.xls' - a pc phone dialer in Microsft Excel file
Keep your friend's and customer's database (eg. telephone, email, birthday ...) in 'eDialer.xls' (a Excel 2000 file), and you can make a phone call using your PC without remembering their phone numbers. You can also let 'eDialer.xls' track all your friend's and customer's birthday so that you won't miss out sending them a customised email on their birthday.     Download a free copy      Awarded five stars * * * * * by shareware site
eDialer.xls = (eDialer + track birthday)
eDialer feature
To remove your frustration of searching, remembering and keying in phone number, when you make a phone call while working on a computer.

To Order   (secured visa processing by Kagi)

Home Edition

US$ 6/=

No Expire Date. Free technical support.

No software upgrade.

Capable of handling max 200 friend records.

Business Edition

US$ 24/=

No Expire Date. Free technical support.

Free software upgrade.

When using eDialer, able to list company eg. 'ABC Ltd - James' or 'James - ABC Ltd'

Capable of handling max 2000 customer records.

track birthday feature
To make your customers remember you.

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