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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'eDialer.xls' ?


How it works (track birthday) ?

How to install (track birthday) ?

How to use (track birthday) ?

How do I add a new customer ?

How to edit Birthday Message ?

How to edit Horoscope Message ?

Can I use on different PC ?

Error when opening 'eDialer.xls' ?

Error 'A document with the name 'eDialer.xls' already open' when click ?


How to install (eDialer) ?

How it works (eDialer) ?

How to use (eDialer) ?


How much does it costs ?

How to order ?



What is 'eDialer.xls' ?


By keeping your customer's and friend's data in 'eDialer.xls' (an Excel file), you can :


1. Remove all your frustration searching, remembering and keying in phone number, when you make a phone call.

('eDialer' feature allows you to make a phone call using your PC, by just selecting the Name of the person to call. And you can search your phone list according to the Customer Name, Short Name or Company)


2. Make your friends remember you.

('track birthday' feature keep track of all your customer's, friend's birthday so that you won't miss out sending them a customised email on their Birthday)


* 'eDialer' only work on Excel 2000.

If you are a sale personnel, it allow you to talk to your customer with your customer information in front of your computer.

If you are a home user, we believe that you will also enjoy using it to manage your friend's birthday and phone numbers.

For 'track birthday' feature,

If you have Outlook 2000 installed in your PC, you can send mail through it.

If you are using Webmail, you can copy (highlight mail content & ctrl-c) the mail content and paste (ctrl-v) them on the Webmail to send them.


For 'eDialer' feature, you must have a modem in your PC that is connected to a telephone.

Refer to 'How to install (eDialer) ?' (not as difficult as you think)



Feel free to try it out without obligation.

(Eval copy have Full features and No Expiry Date)


To try out, follow these steps:

(detailed steps in 'How to install (track birthday) ?')

1. Save 'eDialer_Eval.exe' (a zip file) into a directory eg. c:\Customer\eDialer

2. DoubleClick 'eDialer_Eval.exe' (to unzip eDialer_Eval.exe).

3. DoubleClick 'setup.exe' (to install 'eDialer Supplement' software)

4. DoubleClick 'eDialer.xls' (to open eDialer.xls)

5. Click 'Enable Macros'.

6. Send the customised birthday greeting to your customer ('track birthday' features ready now !)

7. To set up 'eDialer' feature, refer to 'How to install (eDialer) ?'

8. Make a phone call to your customer ('eDialer' features ready now !)


How it works (track birthday) ?


You keep you customer's information such as Birthday and Email account in 'eDialer.xls'.


'eDialer.xls' keep track of all your customer's Birthday and create a customised email on their Birthday to be sent to surprise your customer.

(blue wordings are customised messages)


Hi Barry,

When your 21th Birthday is here ...

May only life's sweetest things happen to you ...

Aries (21 Mar - 19 Apr)

Attractive personality.

Honest, generous and trustworthy.

Short-tempered and hate rule.

Idealistic and love attention.

A natural born leader.

Best regards


Tel: 6342-3355


How to install (track birthday) ?


1. Download 'eDialer_Eval.exe' (a zip file) into any directory(eg. c:\Customer\eDialer)


2. To unzip 'eDialer_Eval.exe'

a. DoubleClick 'eDialer_Eval.exe'

b. Click Browse to select directory to store unzip file (eg. c:\Customer\eDialer)

c. Click 'Unzip'

d. Click 'OK'

e. Click 'Close'

(You may check that now you have eDialer.xls, Readme.doc,,, setup.lst, setup.exe in your directory)


3. To install 'eDialer supplement' software.

a. DoubleClick 'setup.exe'

b. Click 'OK'

c. Click

d. Click 'Continue'

e. Click 'OK'

* If you see Error, Click 'Ignore'

If you see 'A file being copied is older ...', Click 'Yes'

(actually, it is possible to uninstall this software and eDialer.xls will still work. But, remember to keep the 'shared component' when you uninstall this software)


4. Open 'eDialer.xls'.


5. Click 'Enable Macros'.


6. Send the customised birthday greeting to your customer, or

Make a phone call to your customer.


How to use (track birthday) ?


1. Maintain your customer's database in 'eDialer.xls' file.

* Make sure the customer's Name, Birthday, Email account ... etc are entered.

2. Click


3. 'eDialer.xls' will automatically find out 'Who are having Birthday Today' and 'Who's Birthday are coming in a week time'.

Then, a customised email will be generated, ready to be sent to surprise your customer.


4. Click

Send - Send the currently displayed email.

Send All - Send all 'Birthday' emails and 'Birthday Coming' emails at one shot.

Skip - Do Not send the currently displayed email and go to the next email.

Exit - Save and Exit.


5. Click to attached a file eg. happy_birthday.jpg

* Only ONE file can be attached.

* This attached file will be attached to all emails.


6. Infomation on 'No. of customers having Birthday today' or 'No. of customers having Birthday in the coming week'.

* Bold wordings correspond to the currently displayed email.

* (Done) means that this email have been sent out before.


How do I edit my Customer Database ?


1. Customer database is maintained in the 'eDialer.xls'.

Enter your customer's information such as customer's Name, customer's Short Name, Birthday, Email account ... etc.


2. Edit those area in BLUE Only, eg. 29-Mar-1970


3. DO NOT delete any column with RED header wording, eg.

4. Your may add in additional information such as customer's phone, address ... etc.


How do I add a new customer ?


1. Customer database is maintained in the 'eDialer.xls'.


2. Select the whole row of one of the existing customer record.


3. Copy the whole row of an existing customer record.


4. Paste the whole row below the last record.


5. Then, change the data to the new customer data.

Remember to enter the full information of the customer such as customer's name, customer's short name, birthday, email account ... etc.


How to edit Birthday Message ?


1. Click 'Edit Birthday Message'


2. Subject and Birthday Message can be edited.


Subject = Happy Birthday to someone Special ... !!!

Birthday Message =

Hi <Cust_ShortName> ,

When your <Age_th> Birthday is here ...

May only life's sweetest things happen to you ...



Best regards



3. Try not to edit function in <...> eg <Cust_ShortName>.

You can edit other wordings as you like.

If you want to insert function, these are the valid functions :

<Cust_ShortName> eg. Barry

<Cust_Name> eg. Barry Edmund

<Age> eg. 21

<Age_th> eg. 21th

<Birth_Date> eg. 2 Mar 1981

<To> eg.

<Cc> eg.

<Horoscope> eg. Pisces (19 Feb - 20 Mar)

<Horoscope_message> eg. Attractive personality....

Note that most of them are just header of a column, and all headers are automatically valid functions that can be included in the email.


4. Click 'Preview' to preview the actual message.

* To make life easy for you, only ONE type of Birthday Message is allowed.


How to edit Horoscope Message ?


Go to Sheet 'Horoscope', edit the Horoscope Message as you wish.

(Tips: Alt-Enter to go to the next line)


Can I use on different PC ?


The license you bought is for you.

You can use it on different PC, at home, at office ... etc.

But, you are NOT allow to let another person to use it.


Error when opening 'eDialer.xls' ?


If you encounter problem opening 'eDialer.xls', it may be caused by :


1. You did not install 'eDialer Supplement' software.

2. You are using other email software other than Outlook 2000.

(download eDialer_Eval_no_Outlook.exe if you do not have Outlook 2000 installed in your PC)

(download eDialer_Eval_Outlook.exe if you have Outlook 2000 installed in your PC)


Error 'A document with the name 'eDialer.xls' already open' when click ?


Error 'A document with the name 'eDialer.xls' already open ...'


1. You have kept 2 'eDialer.xls' on different directory.

Make sure you have ONLY 1 'eDialer.xls' on your PC (delete the other eDialer.xls).

This will enable it to work properly.

2. If problem persists, delete away the and regenerate it by opening 'eDialer.xls'.

  a.  Click 'Start - Program - Microsoft Excel' (to run Excel).

  b.  Click 'Tools - Customise - Toolbar'.

  c.  Select 'eDialer'. Click 'Delete'. Click 'OK'.

  d.  Click 'Close'.

  e.  Click 'File - Exit' (to exit Excel).

  f.  DoubleClick 'eDialer.xls' (to open eDialer.xls)

  g.  Everything should work fine now !


How to install (eDialer) ?


In order to use eDialer, you must have a modem in your PC and connected to a telephone.


Sound complicated ? Not really !


1. Look at the diagram below and you will understand the required connection.

(you can either use a internal or external modem, it will works if you follow the connection)

(but, make sure you modem have 2 sockets)

(a internal modem, eg.motorola v.90 modem, probably costs you about US$12/=)

2. Installation of 'eDialer Supplement' software is necessary.

If you have not intalled it, install it now (refer to 'How to install (track birthday) ?').


3. DoubleClick 'eDialer.xls' (to open it).


4. Click


5. Click 'Settings'


6. Select the COM port that your modem is using eg. COM4.

(Use 'Start - Settings - Control Panel - Modems - Properties' to find out which COM port your modem is using eg. COM2, COM3, COM4, ... etc )

If you have selected the COM port, you are ready to use eDialer.

The next step is just additional settings.


7. Select 'How you want to display the name' in the Phone List.

Name eg. James Warner (office)

Short Name eg. James (office)

Company + Short Name eg. ABC Ltd - James (office)

Short Name + Company eg. James (office) - ABC Ltd

Note that you can select 1 or more options.


8. Select 'Phone Prefix'.

If you are using eDialer at Home, likely that you DO NOT need any Phone Prefix.

If you are using eDialer in the Office, likely that you will need to set Phone Prefix = 9.

(that is, to dial a 9 before your phone number to call a external line)


9. Select 'Auto-run eDialer on start-up'

By default, when you open 'eDialer.xls', Main form (track birthday) will appear.

If you want eDialer form to appear instead, set 'Auto-run eDialer on start-up'.


10. Click 'Save'.


11. You are ready to call somebody now ! Enjoy eDialing !


How it work (eDialer) ?


1. Keep your Customer phone numbers in 'eDialer.xls'


Name                      Phone

James Warner       (home) 6453-3456 (office) 6223-4566


'eDialer' will extract the information from 'Name' and 'Phone' to display

'James Warner (home)'

'James Warner (office)'


Note that Phone Number must be enter in proper format. Valid format are:


(home) 6453-3456

(office main line) 64563357

(home) 425-345-4677


How to use (eDialer) ?


Using 'eDialer' is very easy.

(we assume that you have make the proper connection on the modem and telephone, and have already set the COM port correctly. refer to 'How to install (eDialer) ?' if in doubt)


1. DoubleClick 'eDialer.xls' (to open it).


2. Click


3. Press 'UP' and 'DOWN' arrow to select the person to call.

Or, key in the name to search.


4. Press 'Enter' to start dialing.


5. Pick up the phone when you see the message,

Calling ...

    James Warner (office)

Pick up the Phone ...

6. Enjoy using eDialer ...


How much does it costs ?

How to order ?


Home Edition

US$ 6/=

No Expire Date

Free technical support

No software upgrade

When using eDialer, NOT able to list company eg. 'ABC Ltd - James' or 'James - ABC Ltd'

Capable of handling max 200 friend records


Business Edition

US$ 24/=

No Expire Date

Free software upgrade

Free priority technical support

When using eDialer, able to list company eg. 'ABC Ltd - James' or 'James - ABC Ltd'

Capable of handling max 2000 customer records


To get a free full feature 'eDialer.xls' that can handle 10 records

Dowload from our website.

No Expiry date

Full feature

Pay us only when you like it.


If you enjoy using 'eDialer.xls', feel free to forward to all your friends.


All feedback are welcome !

MS Merci Information Service

email us : if you have any doubt


Have a Lovely Day !